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Opal Plato
Dog Kemonomimi | 19 | Female


Whilst she may be her parent's only daughter, Opal has not tried to let her easy lifestyle go to her head. Within her parent's main bakery, she is the second in command and is more than willing to do what she needs to esnure success. She is known for her kind, gentle and hard-working nature and is often considered to be "perfect" by quite a few people. But behind closed doors, Opal has known to be rather igorant, ruthless and incredibily strict.


tea, milk, pastel colours, fruit - especially lemons, jelly, swimming, summer, rabbits


arguing, rain, backchatter, pepper


Cathy Baker (Friend)

Cathy and Opal have been friends for... Practically forever! Whilst Opal does have some prejudice against Cathy due to her species, Opal is glad to have Cathy as a friend and is more than happy to look over her appearance.

Jared Pipin (???)

Opal has no idea how Cathy and Jared are friends, but either way, Opal finds Jared absolutely disgusting. Whilst she doesn't act like it and puts up with him, it's not too common for her to criticize him behind their backs.


  • If you dare even try to eat raw cookie dough in front of her, she'll... Be very disapointed in you. And disgusted. She's just there like "you're meant to cook that..."
  • Similarly to Cathy, her parents taught her most things she knows. However, her speciality lies within frozen desserts.

Accepted Headcanons

  • Opal hates rain and pepper (namely black pepper) because she has catastrophically loud sneezes that have no chance of concealing whatsoever. (@Mashter_Potato)


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