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"I'm here for you, kid. If ever you feel like dying."

Age (human years)36
Professionsbutcher and chef
Personalitycallous, blunt, sadistic; cunning, observant, adaptable
gay and hypersexual
male via sequential hermaphroditism (he/him)

Raieill is motivated mainly by spiteful nihilism. Although cunning, he is not especially intelligent, largely due to his purposeful avoidance of developing self-awareness; he is not, and will never be, ready to confront the trauma that consumes him.  

He was an only child and his parents died while he was young. One to the hands of the other. Like most people afflicted with antisocial personality disorder here on Earth, he was raised in poor socioeconomic conditions and among (plus victim of) abuse. He fell prey to bad influences that took note of his vulnerability after his parents died.

He has a mutually toxic relationship with Ao’ze’ckr, where he routinely murders his false self for fun (and other similarly fucked up antics.) Although he'd hate to admit it, he is utterly dependent on Ao, who is the only source of stability he has had in his entire life.

Design notes: His up-to-date reference sheet is uploaded here:

When depicting: I don't consent to pornographic art of this character, though mildly sexual is fine as long as it's either solo or with Ao (example: Disregard ref sheet blanket ban on NSFW art.