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【 Name 】 Varon Barrington【 Called 】 Varon
【 Age 】 53【 D.o.B. / Zodiac 】 13th of Kaesa / Vaaka, the Passionate
【 Gender / Orientation 】 Male / Straight【 Goo 】 Orange, Yellows, Brown - Rare
【 Skin / Markings 】 Gray - Common / Swirls - Black【 Eyes / Hair / Ears 】 Common / Common / Rare
【 Spikes / Arms / Mutation 】 Common / Common / Legend【 Height / Weight 】 5' 5" / 478 pounds
【 Origin 】 Kotiin【 Species/Race 】 Pakkeli

About Varon

Varon is fairly blunt, prefers facts, and doesn't take bs from anyone. He can dish it. He certainly won't take it tho. His passion is history and unburying history to help not repeat the "sins of the past" and to "groom the future generations" to be better all around. He feels like it is his responsibility to see to it that Kotiin is brought back to it's "former glory" and has an air of arrogance about him in that regard. It is his personal mission in life to say the least. And he will drop anyone, regardless of relation, who doesn't agree with him. Also, he always has or is wearing sunglasses. It's a nervous habit of his to toy with them in his fingers, almost like the idea of controlling the rays of the sun soothes him...

Home Life and Family
Varon lives mostly alone. He takes lovers, has a maid service keep his home clean, but has no real family to speak of ... at least none he is willing to speak of. When he started his personal mission in life, family had to go. He has some friends he keeps close - they are like-minded - and the rest he holds at a distance, typically just incase he needs a favor.

Home City: Glou
House: 4-bedroom townhome
Transport: Motorcycle or walks

Work and Fun
Varon is the head of the Kotiin Historical Society. He is diligent in his pursuits, works harder and longer than anyone else, and has earned his position and the respect that goes with it tenfold. He visits ruins daily, dig sites weekly, has meetings with his archaeologists and other scientists routinely, and despite having a nice home to go to, can usually be found in a tent because it got too late to go home while he was working at any number of sites. Work is his fun, his life, his future, his passion, and his duty to all of Kotiin.

【 Likes 】
  • Salty foods
  • Motorbiking
  • Long hikes in the woods
【 Dislikes 】
  • Graverobbers/Vandals
  • Rude people
  • Obscene people
【 Hobbies 】
  • Camping
  • Archaeological Digs



[ favorite archaeologist ]

One of my best fieldworkers! Careful and diligent.


[ like-minded friend ]

An excellent hacker and all-around stable person waging a silent war.


[ like-minded friend ]

A beautiful soul fighting the good fight in her own unique way.

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