Calladin of Alhannon



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"I'd prefer if you used my title to address me."

Lord Calladin of Alhannon (not full name)
Calladin - Cal, Din & Dinny by siblings
124 years (early 20's physically)
August 24th (Virgo)
Cis male
Pure-blooded elf
5'9''/175 cm
Lawful neutral


  • Dogs
  • Strong herbal tea
  • Mild temperatures
  • Sweet fruits
  • Horseback riding
  • Studying & using magic


  • Strong alcohol
  • Winter & the cold
  • The colour orange
  • Showing strong emotions/weakness
  • Being compared to others
  • Spicy & sour food

Short Introduction

"Calladin Syrillon Viera Lethanavir Miolovun of Alhannon is the middle child and heir of the noble House Alhannon. Born and raised in the capital of the Adelan Empire, Chrysafenios, Calladin grew up among countless other wealthy and influential noble families, all of which were of elven descent. In an Empire dominated by elves, it was only natural for him to grow up with the ideal that elves were vastly superior to the short-lived human and half-elven population; although he, much to the disdain of his father, never quite shared the more extreme views that many elven nobles hold against the other races. Yet his sense of duty to his country and his loyalty to his Emperor was still strong enough to make him fight a war in the far removed elven colonies. The ultimate purpose of his mission is to strike down a rebellion of the non-elven inhabitants, who desperately wish to gain their freedom and independence from an elven emperor they feel no love and loyalty for."


A well-mannered young elf, Calladin moves easily among high elven society and takes part in the highly loaded political games of the Empire and its nobles on a daily basis. He prefers to keep his emotional distance and is generally wary of others. As a result, Calladin clearly struggles with forming actually deep and meaningful connections with those around him. His distant nature can make him seem cold when he is not actively trying to hide it behind feigned smiles and meaningless talk, while his carefully polite and utterly straight-laced attitude makes him seem much too prim and proper, bordering on stuck-up arrogance.

The heir of House Alhannon has proven to be a logical thinker, appearing outwardly calm even under extreme pressure and able to make important decisions within a heartbeat. Good analytical skills, paired with a tendency to calculate all possible outcomes and the ability to look at things without letting emotions influence his actions, Calladin almost appeared to have been born to lead troops in a war, especially given his own affinity towards armed combat and a few specific types of magic.

However, underneath the high expectations of his family, his responsibilities and the weight of never being quite able to trust and confide his worries and secrets in anyone, Calladin often finds himself unable to relax. High-strung and affected by high functioning anxiety as he is, he might seem like the perfect, successful heir on the outside, but there's certainly days where everything in his life threatens to overwhelm him.


Lord Marel Terys Lenan Elgadira Ainias of Alhannon, father // Calladin's relationship with his father is tense at best. He's a controlling and stern man who holds all of his children to insanely high standards, but especially so his future heir. Any flaws and faults, any little mistakes, they're all noticed by Lord Marel and dealt with/punished accordingly. Due to that constant pressure that led to many disagreements, as well as different views, father and son have just gotten more and more estranged over the past years. For the most part, Calladin still tries to desperately please his father, despite the fact that he both fears and despises him, obeying all of his rules and orders without much of a fight at all. Calladin's father is also not aware of his sexuality, and Calladin doesn't plan on telling him either. He knows that it wouldn't end well at all.

Lady Siona Ella of Alhannon, mother // While Calladin's relationship with his mother isn't nearly as bad as that with his father, it still isn't as good as it used to be. His mother seems to notice that he's grown more and more unhappy over the decades, but she's failed to truly connect with and help her son so far. She's certainly tried, but with how reserved and secretive Calladin has become, it's hard, if not impossible for her to coax anything from him - especially the things that trouble him and the secrets he hides. They still do talk and Calladin is more comfortable around her than he is around his father, but he's not as openly attached and loving towards her anymore.

Lady Ferona Isene of Alhannon, older sister // His big sister is about the one person Calladin trusts entirely. While they certainly do have a love-hate relationship at times, with Ferona often messing with and teasing him, they're very protective of each other. Ferona has always been one of few people he can count on for support and she's also the only person who knows of his sexuality as well. Considering that she's very good at reading people, ut especially him, it's useless to try and hide things from her too. They spend a lot of time together - whenever they're both free, anyway - and Ferona is often the one to drag Calladin away from his duties whenever she notices that he's extremely stressed.

Lord Harwen Lauma of Alhannon, younger brother // Calladin adores his younger brother. He's very protective of him and truly wants the best for him, which includes trying to shelter him from their father's wrath to the best o his abilities so he can enjoy his childhood a bit more than Calladin ever did. While he does find himself growing annoyed at Harwen sometimes - especially when he misbehaves in public, or tries to skip his lessons - it's difficult for Calladin to really stay mad at him. There are some rumours floating around among servants that the dutiful workaholic that their young lord is actually shirks his own duties sometimes to play with Harlow, but those certainly are only rumours.

OLDER AU ONLY! // Lady Dessuithiel Melda of Alhannon, wife // A marriage of convenience, neither Calladin, nor his wife really care much for each other. While they appear to be a good, loving match in public, kissing and smiling and holding hands with each other, Calladin naturally has no actual interest in the woman. They rarely even talk to each other in private and prefer spending time without the other, pursuing friends and hobbies instead of each other. Dessuithiel is, however, faithful to him and has not taken on any lovers, despite the fact that Calladin has subtly allowed her to do so multiple times since he can not satisfy her needs properly. She's loayl to him and their marriage in that way, unwilling to risk their reputation and determined to raise their children without any scandals.

OLDER AU ONLY! // Lord Vehir Selion Rissien Marel Tegalad of Alhannon, son // Calladin loves his son Vehir from the bottom of his heart. They both struggle to show it however and as such their relationship is a bit awkward and tense at times. Vehir is a very quiet and reclusive boy who excels at his studies, but struggles with social interactions, no matter how hard Calladin tries to teach him the proper ways of dealing with other nobles. Unlike his father, Calladin does support his son's interests though and makes sure to praise him for his artistic skills and the way he easily learns new languages, hoping for him to turn out a better and, most importantly, happier person than he did.

OLDER AU ONLY! // Lady Yaria Bellasiel of Alhannon, daughter // Yaria is the sightly younger twin sister of Vehir, yet her father adores her just as much as her brother and treats them both equally. The opposite of Vehir, Yaria seems to dislike her studies, but has no problem meeting and interacting with all sorts of people, from simple servants to high-ranking nobles. Her hot-tempered and feisty nature does get her into a lot of trouble and not even punishment seems to tame her inner fire. It frustrates Calladin, but at the same time he admires her for her confidence and inner strenght, wishing he'd been capable of standing up to his father like she always does.

Design Notes

  • Has a small tattoo on the back of his neck.
  • Has one fairly noticeable scar located on his left shoulder. It starts at his collarbone and draws an inward curved line up to his shoulder. It healed well enough, but is still noticeable.
  • He has no body hair. None. Can't even grow a beard.
  • Usually always wears his hair up in public; very rarely wears it down (mostly while sleeping).


  • Will rub the back of his neck when he's extremely stressed out.
  • Has a tendency to switch back to his native tongue when ranting & counting to himself.
  • He typically uses rather formal speech and will only speak in a casual manner with his siblings, or when he's extremely angry.
  • He always smells nice, although his "scent of the day" really depends on his mood.

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