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Basic Info




no idea but pretty sure she should actually be laying in a grave


she remembers dying with 28



Relationship Status

couldnt care less


a tsundere type of character. rather neutral until something catches her attention or curiosity. likes to bite. often grumpy. she is good at core though, hides it behind her grumpy and annoyed attitude. would drag your butt out of trouble again and again..but not without scolding you or making a snarky comment. her aggressiveness mostly comes from her being in pain from her necrosis.


Toxic Green iris, black sclera


Pastel Seafoam with a black stripe in her bangs, tips of bangs are white. Tips of hair itself are black, usually wears hair in a messy ponytail.


lean, skin is looking very pale almost white due to her blood being green, gets a green tint if blushing instead of red. Her flesh is black as seen on her open ribcage part.

Additional Features

Horns, pointy teeth like a shark, saliva and blood are toxic green, ribcage is exposed. Bones have a greenish tint due to her dried blood on them. Fluffy tail and goat like ears. Her exposed ribcage looks like this: the skin and tissue above the bones rotted off, leaving the bones exposed. Her organs are not visible or floating or anything, they are being hold together by black, necrosis-ridden flesh sitting under her bones. So from the front you see her ribs, from the back her exposed spine. Basically, she is walking around with an open wound.


hazy. For ref listen to Alissa White-Gluz.




Katla lost most memories of her former life. one night, she woke up at a graveyard surrounded by the smell of fresh gravedirt, feeling hungry for meat and noticed her appearance had changed drastically. can only remember random snippets. one of the reasons she is annoyed and grumpy alot.


Based mostly on arabian Ghula and Vampire Mythology.


raw meat and bones mostly, can eat other stuff too but wont get enough nutrients and not feel sated. being sated numbs the pain she feels.


Katla┬┤s physical strength and agility are way above average. Her stamina level are also increased. Strong sense of smell, has no trouble seeing at night. Eyes are weak in sunlight, relies on sense of smell during the day. Very high pain level. Heals way faster than average human, can not regrow limbs. Decapitation needed to kill her.

Katla possesses no magical abilities.

Favors melee combat, especially with her teeth as main weapon, or ripping things apart bare handed. Saliva is venomous, output is controlled by Katla herself. Weak output leads to numbness in the person bitten or licked. Strong output leads to paralysis and death.


likes to look rather unimpressed or annoyed. will definitely bite if exposed bones are touched. will also bite just because. her first reaction to strangers is usually trying to eat them. prefers to be left alone mostly and to stay out of other peoples businesses. if someone tries to annoy her, she will lick the person or bite to paralyse them and get rid of them. Especially likes to bite Ashta and drag her off by her tail. likes to make snarky and sarcastic comments alot.

Negative Traits

full of wrath and anger, can be very aggressive, has a hard time connecting with people, not capable of developing romantic feelings or feel love, if her hard shell is cracked, she will be a guardian and loyal to that person. earning her trust is alot of work tho. tends to eat people she doesnt like. very fatigued and has bad eyesight during daytime.



Musical Inspiration