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No worries, I'll do that right away vwv/ If you don't mind me asking what was exchanged? :0c I any got Rajbir here cause I payed for two characters a while back, but didn't get a response for a while and the characters where deleted by them xvx; We settled on me having this character at a discount.


*I wasn’t able to delete the comment itself

Aww ;-; I'm so sorry that happed to you, you never know with anybody, really ;-; Sometimes they forget or whatever else. I hope none of the other art that's on here was ill-gotten xvx' I'd feel so awful. I'd offer you a doodle or something to make up for it but I don't think that'd fix anything really cause the damage was done already xvx; I hope they learn to to pull this stuff or they could get banned xvx' I'm sure they were just overwhelmed and wanting more then they can give, but still xvx' Sorry, you had to go through that! and thank you for letting me know :'3

absolute u n i t ! doubt i'll get a yes but i'd still like to try! anyone in my th interest you in a trade?

Sorry but I didn’t see anyone I would use 

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