Apocalypse (Jeremy)'s Comments

Ok, I don't know to what extent this was meant to be a jokey character, but my 16 year old self would have probably related a little too much. I remember I was still in my edgy mary sue fanfiction stage back then. I was super reserved and always trying to be cool inside my head so I totally get his uber edginess. The fact they nicknamed themselves the most try hard names imaginable. And I love the sacastic way the whole thing is written especially the line, "They could be mistaken for Catband's number one fans, but don't be fooled: they watch the band competition TV show strictly ironically, of course."

He and Trevor aren't exactly joke characters, but they are supposed to be funny. I definitely drew from my own sordid past and that of people I knew in high school and college for them, haha. They're fun to write with the perspective time gives; they're good kids, but they still have so much to figure out.

Thanks for the comment! :)

yeah that's what i meant: humorous characters. bad choice of words before, my bad