Creature adopt's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Cannot be retraded
Cannot be resold

Design Terms of Use

Properly credit the artist! <3 Here is a list of my social medias:

Toy house: accurse_amalgamation

deviantart : glixxmallow

Terms of Service

i as the artist have the right to deny any commision or request I receive

once you receive your commision or request it is yours to do with what

you wish please don’t claim the art or design as yours as I work hard on my commisions and designs

Do not steal, trace, heavily alter/reference, or otherwise use non-commissioned works by me without my written permission.

You may share, post, and upload your commissioned piece so long as any of my socials is properly credited.

Payment is to be sent after the client approves a quick sketch of their commission, payment is to be done through PayPal Or cash app I will send the client a sketch to be approved of they can then choose to pay half then and half after the commision is finished or wait till I send the final piece watermarked to pay in full my turn about time is 2 weeks to a month if busy or the design is complex. However I can normally get one done in around a week ADOPTABLES/OFFERS

If you want to offer on any of my adoptables or characters I have for sale on any of my accounts please provide clearly what your offering and give me a turn about time as I am rather tired of being ghosted regarding payments now for months thankyou! if you fail to uphold your end of the deal wether it’s money art or characters I will put them back up and you will be on a warning the first warning will be a verbal warning. Second will be a weeks cool-down in Which I will mute you from talking to me or claiming any of my adopts the third warning will be a final warning and if after that it continues to happen you will be blacklisted and the character if not payed for revoked and put back up for offer i will wait a month for any form of update even if it’s asking me for more time its appreciated over ghosting me outrightly. cooldown of a month to rehome the adopt unless it’s a gift. And if trading or selling extra art must be added by you or somebody else

Will Draw:

Human, humanoid, anthro, feral Gore suggestive or 18+ content ofc providing proof your 18 as I don’t wish to get into trouble Age regression (NOT THE KINK. ) any form of mental illnesses for a persons own comfort self harm or vent for the persons own comfort most fandoms just ask if your unsure

Won’t Draw:

pedophelia zoophelia mental health hate or hate in general anything mocking mental health or slurs or gay rights. any kinks that are just bad yknow the ones I won’t kink shame anyone so if your nervous Or unsure just dm me (if you can’t tell if what you want me to draw is bad just ask I won’t bite I’ll either say yes or no) certian phobias (just ask)