My Sweet Villain - Adoptables



Who has never felt that secret and forbidden attraction to the villain? Truth be told, some villains even have a touch of reason. Others are just representatives of chaos and just live for their own good, if it harms someone, it's just a detail. While some villains delight in causing the horror.

If you could love a villain, who would you be? The hero who would bring redemption to the villain through the power of love? Or would you join him in his thirst for power?

Life is not black and white, and there are many shades of gray. Whichever fate you choose... good luck because he is, and always will be, a villain.


The event will be an auction. To participate, you need to follow me on Instagram. And do your bidding.

SB (75$): Full body char with clothes + nude version (sfw) + Story background 

AB (150$): A full body commission from the villain with an OC of your choice + Full body char with clothes + Nude version (nsfw) + Story background