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Female - 11/1/1995(Scorpio) - Panda Shepherd American (Los Angeles,California) - Cam Girl(Adult/Video Games)/Sugar Baby (Most updated ref sheet ) About: Works as a video game livestreamer as well as an adult cam girl. Much more successful at the cam girling business, and has a few thousand subscribers and hundreds of consistently donating fans. Very spoiled by her online fans, always has the latest fashion and clothing. Never hesitates to ask for the biggest and best thing/doesn't hold back from asking for what she REALLY wants/never settles for second best. Travels sometimes to enjoy her earnings to exotic locations. A real hit on Instagram! Has a large pet Burmese snake she loves like a son, half her social media is just pictures of him with cute stickers on them. Personality: Very loud and quick to speak her mind, a natural extrovert. Incredibly devoted to her few loved ones, motherly towards them and her pets/all animals.Spunky, loves being spoiled, hard working and independant. She's definitely a wild child. NSFW Details: Pansexual. If you can't handle her firey nature out of the bedroom, there's no way you'd be able to handle her in it. Wild as absolute hell and takes what she wants. Never submissive, huge power bottom. Rarely allows penile penetration, save for a mere inch of the tip for teasing her partners, only allows for her boyfriend (TBD, in creation). Loves to fuck him in front of bound up big boys and shit talking them/makes them hump her legs/butt for their release when she decides on it. Incredibly talkative and into femdom. Loves getting humped on and making out. Likes: - Her pet Burmese snake - Sweets/snacks - Gold - Exotic cars - Playing video games Dislikes: - Arrogance/Entitlement - Cold weather - Feeling hungry - B/O Quote