A collection of bases inspired by Wings of Fire, including many no longer available individually.
This bundle includes, in a .ZIP file:
- 6 symmetrical icons in PSD and PNG format for IceWings, SkyWings, MudWings, SeaWings, SandWings and RainWings
- 1 PSD headcanoned symmetrical HiveWing icon
- 3 full body pagedoll bases in PNG and PSD formats for MudWings, SkyWings and SeaWings
- 8 line art PNGs of various ship art pieces modified for base use (included as a bonus since they were lined with specific characters in mind, and may not be applicable to OC designs)
- 1 PSD file including pixel bounce animation bases for SeaWings, SkyWings, SandWings, MudWings, NightWings and RainWings, and finished GIF examples
- 4 full body pagedoll pixels for SkyWings, SandWings, and SilkWings (with and without wings), plus finished examples
- 7 PNGs for full body mini pixel pagedoll bases, plus finished examples
- 1 PSD for fully shaded illustration base
- 1 PNG for graphic novel style fullbody base
- 1 PSD for full body base
- 1 PNG for palette reference base
- 1 top-view token base in PNG and PSD

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