The Ra'sha



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The Ra'sha

The Ra'sha are a beast people whose genetics consist of human, rat, and lizard DNA. They are a class 5 beast, possessing the highest levels of intelligence and being fully capable of speech and rational thoughts. Ra'sha are small creatures, often standing no taller than 145 cm or 4'9 tall. They live together in nomadic clans, but a single Ra'sha getting separated from the group after they were chased out of the city isn't an uncommon occurrence.

Average appearance


The Ra'sha are a small beast folk, standing between 140 and 150 cm or 4'8-5' tall on average. Their human and lizard blood are most visible, giving them their small appearance, their hair covered skin and scalp, and their tail, but their ears and head shape as well as certain behaviours attest of their rat blood. Ra'sha women do not have mammaries, but all Ra'sha do have belly buttons and hair on the surface of their skin.

Ra'sha tend to have natural colours, most of them very dull browns to greys with darker and lighter markings of the same colour. Browns, reds, and blacks are the most common hair colours, with others being highly scarce. When they don't make their own clothes, they regularly make use of children's clothes of the correct size.