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Name | Re Pyper
Species | Crystalian

Powers | Crystal Manipulation

  • Like all Crystalians Re was born with what sets them apart from humans; An extra layer that lies under the skin that is made up of crystal. While in the body it holds a liquid-like form, able to move freely and be controlled at will. Made of energy, the crystal stays with the pace of the host's body.
    • So if a person becomes ill to the point that the crystal cannot be used, the energy will transfer to keep the body alive until it runs out and can no longer replenish itself. While Crystalians can use this energy to heal themselves faster and live longer, once they run out, their life will start to fade.
  • Crystalians can also take in natural crystals found in the Earth to help replenish their energy; this is generally a long process and can effect one's health if done wrong.
  • Holding the power to manipulate both the liquid crystal and the crystal of the Earth; It is possible for a Crystalian to cause great damage to their body if the crystal is not "summoned" correctly, from drawing blood to ripping muscle or even breaking bones.
    • Like in the case of attacking using one's crystal; The proper way is to pool the liquid on top of one's skin, then hardening it for battle. Though in cases of life or death, one may use the hard crystal through one's skin, causing damage. It is rare but sometimes if crystal is pooled too much for this, it can cause the crystal to become erratic, going into the body more than through the skin, which leads to the muscle or bone damage.

Gender | Female
Sexual Orientation | Straight [?]

Age | 20-25
Height | 5'7"

Official Status | Taken*
Best Friend[s] | Mimi, Luxa 

Personality | Hero-Type; always trying to help people. Strong-willed. Doesn't give up easily.

History | [ Pending !! As I'm trying to bring elements from her past to make a complete, more modern story. ]

Re was originally born in the days of Kings and Queens; A princess herself, though she didn't wish to be. Constantly spending her time sneaking out to explore the world around her. It wasn't until the day she got in a fight with her parents over this, that she unknowingly released an ancient curse upon her out kingdom. Resulting in her best friend loosing her arms, which Re will never stop blaming herself for.

In a attempt to save her Kingdom Re fled, having the evil follow her throughout the land. Though the longer it went on, the more Re grew tired and the evil grew inpatient. Desperate to take her powers and body, the evil returned to her Kingdom in one last trying battle.

Unsure on what else to do, the two fought until Re could remove him from the Kingdom, then using another spell to remove her Kingdom from the world itself. The land became micro sized, laid and stabilized inside of a crystal necklace that Re now wears and protects.

Only able to hope the enemy was truly defeated, Re used the rest of her powers to seal herself inside of a crystal to rest and leave this part of her life behind. Left encased within until her powers could fully return.


  • I've had this OC since I was about five years old (I'm now twenty-five).
  • She was originally used for RP-ing and didn't have a set story. Now she's officially with my fiance's OC, Thefft, and maybe someday their story will be figured out...
  • "Species" name pending. [?] | !! NOT OPEN !!
  • Each child receives a crystal to be embed at their birth; Which then grows with them and their powers. | Re's crystal is a Blue Apatite.
  • Re is able to go inside of the necklace to visit her Kingdom but rarely does, as this leaves the crystal that carries it alone.