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Basic Info




Tortoiseshell Cat






Fiona is grumpy and sensitive. She puts on a tough act very strong sometimes, but is actually very empathetic and loves her friends too much. She can be a bit rude and blunt sometimes because she often knee jerk reacts to things, and speaks roughly. As a teenager, she would get into fights easily with those who rubbed her the wrong way or threatened her friends, though she never targeted anyone specifically. She's close friends with Hattie, who drives her nuts, but she still loves her. She can be very comforting and level-headed when necessary.

She has an apartment with Bailey and Hattie where they all struggle to be young adults.

She loves quiet mornings, being left alone, climbing, reading, and video games.

Some notes and tips for drawing Fiona:

  • She is surprisingly introverted despite her aggressive tendencies.
  • She's a tortoiseshell calico cat, so you don't have to strictly adhere to the colors and patterns on the reference sheet provided. It's more like a general guide since torties are hard to color.
  • I like to draw her ears a bit on the big side.
  • She tends to wear loose baggy shirts and tank tops with spats/spankies/bike shorts or just regular shorts with whatever else. She's a fan of being comfortable and not having a lot of cloth in her way.
  • Fiona has a small stature and small chest but she is an ADULT, do not call her a "loli" please. That is not my intent or goal with her or ANY of my smaller characters, I am not down with that stuff

Other stuff:

  • Fiona the OC was originally based on my real-life tortie cat, Fiona. Fiona the OC's grumpiness and tendency to get into fights was inspired by my cat's scrappy personality with the local stray cats when she was young, though she was always a huge cuddly sweetheart with her humans, so the OC really only uses the real cat as a physical inspiration and that's it.
  • Fiona is also a very old character; her first art was drawn in 2010, when I was 14. Probably because of this, she also has unintentionally come to take on a lot of my traits from when I was a teenager, and is a snapshot of that younger me, in a way - determined to be acknowledged as a tomboy, acting tough in spite of her smallness, zero tolerance for bullying and injustice even if it makes people avoid her, highly introverted, and reviling being called cute. Also her general fashion sense and interests either mirror or parody myself at the time.