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Female / Unknown



Species: X
Role: X
Orientation: X
Sign: X
Alignment: X
Flower: Dyed Roses
Theme: X


  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X


  • Human men(Fear)
  • X
  • X
  • X



Taken from family and abused by a man, she finally broke one day. She killed her owner before breaking free out of the cage he built. Before doing so there were constant fights. Let it be using her as a bodyguard due to his job, using her as a punching bag, and more. She wasn't lucky when it came to talking to others. People, wolves, animals, all avoided her. Part is due to her face and how it is but also due to how she was seen before she escaped. After? Even worse. She managed to score a friendship with a hated killer- Eclipse. She struggles a lot with the different issues she got. Breakdowns aren't uncommon for her, and sadly she doesn't have the best support. Most times Eclipse doesn't want to deal with her. Her personality is one hidden behind walls. She hates to show compassion, but sometimes it slips through. She tries to be tough most times to keep herself safe, even if it means not being able to talk to others so easily. She's slowly getting used to this life style, but it's easy to say she doesn't enjoy it.

Her Abilities

She is quite quick. Her abilities include being able to breathe out a dangerous breath- one that causes people to avoid her. The severity of it depends on how often she has used it which is extremely rare. She barely ever uses it due to her not wanting to go back to her dangerous past, but she will use it when needed. Part of why she doesn't need it is due to people avoiding her.

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