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Name Halaven
Age 24
Height/Weight6'2"/154 lbs
BuildThin torso semi thick thighs
Race/Species(ML) Spliced Grem2
Occupation wip
Creator MrGremble
Worth cannot be sold/worth $500

"Some fancy shmansy quote he goes by will go here."


Halaven is calm and collective, but very curious. He usually does not have a lot to say about life but there are very few things that he is not fond of. When he is in a good mood, he gets lost in his thoughts and has a lot of energy and its difficult to make him stop talking. When you get him talking about a subject he is passionate about he just talks and talks and talks...

His theme song can be found here

Here is a general overview of what he sounds like

Snail art by 4pawedplayer on DA


He was born on May 28th



His parents passed when he was too young to remember anything. Nobody knew the adults had a child, so he did not end up finding another family. Rather, he ended up wandering out into the nearby forest, where he spent his life among the insects and bugs of the forest. He grew very fond of the small bugs in the area and always dreamed on one day being able to fly and glow just like them. When he was old enough to understand life and survival, he started wandering in and out of small nearby villages. Those who saw him wandering through the forest or to stop in used to call him natures child. One of the villages he met an older woman who offered to care for him so he would not have to scavenge anymore. She taught him how to read and write and eventually how to speak. After a month living with this kind woman, the village was raided and the womans house was set ablaze. Halaven tried his best to save her, but sadly he was not fast enough. He managed to escape with his life but the woman unfortunately did not. He was back to living on his own, but could not bear living in the forest alone. The only place nearby he was able to go to was the city. He was temperately holding out there until he could figure out a plan. While he was there, he kept to himself and had very little trust in anyone. He has seen a lot of crimes happening in the city and with having the one person he was close to killed, he did not want anything to do with anyone. Although, the longer he stayed there, the more kinder hearted people he started to find. He is still currently holding up in the city and he is quiet, but starting to reopen up to people.


Pixel art is by RussianBlues and BeckyChanX3 on DA


  • Every now and then he will wear a cowboy hat for the heck of it (the cowboy hat was a gift from an old friend).
  • He is very hard to make angry, but an easy was is to kill a bug in his line of vision.
  • Halaven is not very good at speaking since he did not finish learning how to talk. He is learning how to say new words every day.
  • He does not know how to swim
  • He is a vegetarian
  • When he does not have a whole lot of energy on a day, he will walk around wherever he goes with a blanket draped over his shoulders for comfort

Halaven art by uqv on Toyhouse


  • He adores every single bug even if they dont adore him back (his favorite are butterflies).
  • Oddly enough his favorite place to sleep/sit is on the floor curled up in a blanket

Butterfly art by SuzukiMikan on DA

  • He does not like water
  • He despises salt with a passion
  • Birds are his enemy
  • Fishing is very scary to him. He does not agree with any of the ideas that follow the act of fishing

Birb by SqdPxl on DA

  • You can draw the younger version of him if you would like as well as the older version. They both have different things to look at while drawing them.
  • Younger version:
    • has shorter hair on the neck
    • ears are smaller
    • as well as the antennas being shorter
    • younger version is more energetic and happy
  • older version:
    • Neck hair is longer and fluffier (scruffy)
    • antennas longer
    • ears a little longer and floppier
    • tail is a little bit bigger as well
    • older version acts more reserved and quiet
  • Both versions:
    • antennas have a dark green spot on the tips of them
    • towards the end of his tail the color fades to a lighter color
    • the dark green on his ears ends where his ears fold over
    • center of eyes are brown while outer ring is green and the rest of the eye is yellow
    • he has light green spots in the dark green on the end of his nose. Thank you!
Plants by nukaspirit on DA
Story moment



 When he was living out in the forest as a child, Flynn tried to teach him how to fish. Halaven did not like the idea of fishing at all. Feeding the fish his bug friends, taking creatures from their homes to eat them, and being near large bodies of water was not his ideal good time. So Flynn showed him how to scavenge for nearby berries instead.


Halaven knows that Vincent is not the nicest creature, but he has helped protect Halavent from so many dangers while he was living out in the forest.


Halaven sees Silven hanging around the alleys a lot and Silven tries to talk with him every not and then. Halaven will try and share a few words with him, but he does not trust him and thinks he is kind of sketchy.


He does not know much about Miguel and they talk often, but something seems off about him and he cant put his finger on it. Halaven will run into him often at the coffee shop while Miguel is working. He does know one thing though. Miguel makes some killer coffee.


These two do not really get along. Halaven does not appreciate Dreeses carelessness and his perspective on life. They will constantly argue usually because of a comment Drease will make.

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