Solana Virelai



4 years, 11 months ago

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Soul Chimaera


Early 20's


October 23




Cis female (she/her)



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Sweet foods, her gfs, quiet moments with friends and family, reading, writing, gear maintanence...?


Spicy foods, overly loud or crowded places, gross injustices, overly familiar strangers, weak unenchanted gear that only a scrub would wear into battle

Favorite color =)



A noblewoman, folk hero, and designated main character hailing from a walled city known as Nocturna. Solana was borna nd raised to be a powerful mage, as most nobles in her country tend to be, While she was by all means successful and wields powerful elemental and celestial magics, her story is far from typical when compared to her fellow noble youths.

Solana's privileged childhood stands in stark contrast to the hardship she faced in early adulthood; while she was originally meant to inherit the title of Matriarch of her family, Solana rebelled and was forced to stand trial by combat against the current matriarch, her grandmother. Although she was victorious, she was critically injured in the process and told the only way for her to survive was a so-called miracle operation only performed on the worthy, and her great magical potential had entitled her to such treatment. Her reward for successfully challenging her destiny was to become a soul chimaera and live in eternal service to the God-Queen.

From the inside, she very quickly discovered the oppressive nature of the regime she had lived under her whole life. Nobles such as herself were placed on a pedestal for their innate magical potential, while the common folk were treated as expendable, with only the most magically inclined of them being drafted into Noctalle's military and given the rights and privileges saved only for the upper classes in exchange for their own eternal service. Noctalle appeared to be raising an army of holy soldiers and anti-demon weapons like the chimaeras to wipe out all traces of demonic presence -- even innocents only suspected of consorting with demons -- from their lands. It could potentially be seen as a noble goal to an outsider, but their planet had never had issues with demons. There was talk of them inhabiting a great cave system near the hostile Venison Empire to the south, but sightings were rare and demon-related incidents were even rarer. Still, Noctalle had ambitions of demonic eradication spanning the entire world, and eventually beyond. Not wanting to be complicit in her country's crimes, Solana conspired with her fellow chimaera Celethia Ophidene and used a routine village raid as an opportunity to escape. She would build a resistance, while Celethia would handle matters within the city.

As Solana fled south, she was joined by her close friend Rien Motet, son of the Crown's chief soul scientist -- the very same chief scientist who had suggested the "miracle operation" that resulted in Solana's current condition. The two of them, over time, managed to learn how to control Solana's new power and safely made it to the south, but not without hardship. They were relentlessly pursued by Noctalle's personal guard, an elite unit consisting of the God-Queen's three most favored soldiers, the newest of which was Solana's older sister, Maeva -- proof that Noctalle was toying with her. With the help of an undead pirate with ties to nobility, leaders from the Venison empire and the bee-like jungle tribes, and a mysterious necromancer from the free human villages named Rosalva, they eventually subjugated the royal guard and raise a resistance force.

Eventually, they did prevail -- a successful rebellion was incited among Nocturna's surrounding villages, supported by the southern nations. Solana led the charge, and the city was eventually breached, the main force occupying the noble district while Solana's party ascended the central spire to take the throne room. Upon their arrival, Noctalle, perhaps a little too easily, surrendered to ensure that there would be as little noble bloodshed as possible. Although the common folk celebrated and the nobility was left thoroughly confused, their victory was short lived. The former God-Queen revealed to them that she reported to a higher power and was merely acting on its behalf, shortly before finally leaving the planet to its people so she could pursue some answers of her own. The victory felt hollow to Solana, who had ascended to legend status in the hearts of the common folk, because she felt like she didn't really accomplish anything if whatever Noctalle was talking about still threatened their world, and potentially all worlds.

Solana and several others later left as well when they received invitations to an off-world institution known simply as Hell College, care of the peaceful demons in the southern caves that they had indirectly saved. She currently attends, alongside Ansaiele and Celethia, and the three of them work to cope with their unnatural existences and find a way to combat the threat still looming over their homeworld so that their people may finally know peace. To some degree, it's a welcome change for her. Nobody there knows her story, as her world really is just some backwater place most people have never heard of.