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Physical Description:

RawHyde is a fairly tall kudu with black and gray fur and black hooves. He has a bloodred mane that runs from his head down to the middle of his back. Red stripes adorn his back along with a short fluffy tail. His horns are twisted and elongated giving him a much taller appearance. His eyes are dark brown and can seem blended with his fur. He had scars on his face and one long slash across his chest. He has dried blood on his face and cuts giving him a menacing look.


His clothing consists of dark colors and plain colors such as black T-shirts and beige or black shorts and pants.


RawHyde, generally speaking, he’s kind of an jerk - very sarcastic when he wants to be, can make very harsh jabs at people if he decides they deserve them, and doesn’t tend to put up with people who he deems ‘stupid’, which considering his level of intelligence, tends to be quite a lot of people.

Very obsessed with dark and morbid things, whether in literature, art, or any other various subject matters.


Hyde grew up with a pretty normal childhood despite looking vastly different than his herd of Kudu. As Hyde grew older he took an interest in taxidermy and the occult. Hyde had kept his interest to himself most of his life until his late twenties. At 22, his girlfriend of six years was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Shortly after his dog had passed away. Distraught, he turned to his occult interest to perform a ritual to bring his pet and girlfriend back.

The ritual was a success but for a price. Hyde tried to outsmart the demon and keep his soul as well bringing back his loved ones but that provided horrid results. Over time he became more withdrawn and secluded. Gashes started appearing on his face and chest giving him a very mangy and unsettling appearance. Hyde read his spell book to try and reverse the spell and found something shocking.

“Locked away the beast can rage, too feral to loosen the chains that bind and too fierce to ever be freed. Though I fear that one day it will no longer be enough.”

As a passage was read from his Necromancer book, Hyde began to understand the true of his curse. His loved ones became fearful and withdrew but he began to make new friends and accepted his gnarly appearance and gave him the name RawHyde.