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Spear-Nosed Bat

Height / Weight




Body Type



Physical Description:

A buff bat covered in pale tan fur. His large ears are long and have ragged edges. His nose is a long and leaf-shaped and is the same color as his inner ears. Blue eyes contrast the fur and his short blond hair, making them bright. His claws are brownish grey and his wing web is a much light brown. His fangs are only visible if he grins.


Classic clothing, usually of solid colors. Colors are usually dark. Most common colors are blue or red and black for shirts and he will sometimes wear a tank top or just a solid black jacket with a black T-shirt underneath. Pants range from black to jeans to any solid color.


Shane believes that he can do anything he wants or call anyone whatever he wants, because he’s king of vampires. He also seems to think that he can have any female he wants. Despite this, Shane can be quite pleasant to be around so long as people don’t try to pick fights with him.

Overall, however, he has a charm of the tongue and a near immovable smile that covers up any wild emotions that may dictate actions otherwise. Shane wants others to show respect to him, because he is king or he might punish anyone that don’t show respect to him might talk to the person first before punish the person. Despite this, Shane can be quite pleasant to be around so long as people don’t try to pick fights with him.


Shane was born in the Victorian Era and lived quite well as a child. As Shane grew older he worked as a Blacksmith in collage. He had become quite crafty as designing different weaponry for he had collected some he designed for himself.

He had grown to become quite the fighter in fencing; this kept him agile and fit. He had come from a line of fencers in his family. He eventually traveled the world to be in tournaments and was on the way to becoming famous after he graduated from college.

After dominating in a tournament in Norway, Shane went for a drink to celebrate, after getting too drunk he had begun to wonder in the alleys. A rat came out of the darkness of the alley, appearing to be the age of 20 had attacked him. She had drained him and carried him back to her place. She had him locked in the basement for weeks, abusing him and feeding off him. She had thrown him out once she was done with him.

Shane had begun to drift around the world before eventually settling back in his homeland. He had worked several occupations before settling in owning a popular club. He had ended up purchasing Victorian style house somewhere in the city of Transylvania.