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Physical Description:

A rather tall goat with a toned built. Roscoe’s fur is a gray-ish navy blue with even darker blue markings on his arms and legs. His eyes, horns, and hooves are a vibrant neon green. White markings descend from his muzzle to his inner thighs.


Usual biker appeal. Leather jacket, jeans and boots are pretty common wear. Sometimes he’ll wear leather vests and biker shorts. Chains usually adorn the sides of his pockets.


Roscoe is pretty laid back but he does love a good party. He ís friendly and hardly ever in a sour mood, often trying to cheer up anyone he sees feeling less than happy. He is outgoing as well, not afraid to do anything anyone would suggest so long as it’s logical.


Roscoe grew up in a pretty normal home, went to school and lived in your average neighborhood. Roscoe was a rebellious teen and a rebellious college student. While achieving academic success, he befriended a fellow student named Shawn but his buddies called him “Snake.” Snake soon introduced Roscoe to his friends and that is where Roscoe became interested in the biker culture. Snake and his gang learned that not only was Roscoe book-smart but he also knew how to repair and modify motorcycles.

Roscoe began getting commission work to repair motorcycles. Once he graduated with his degree in motorcycle mechanics (MMI), Snake allowed Roscoe into their gang. Soon after, Roscoe got his first tribal tattoo along his left side. The tattoo represents him as a member of the gang as each member half a tattoo which matched the color of a specific element. In Roscoe’s case, his tattoos matched his eyes and horns, creating a vibrant contrast against his dark fur. Roscoe now works in motorcycle repair and drifting to different towns engaging into different parties and bars with the gang.