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Basic Info




Vampire Bat

Body Type


Height / Weight

6'1/ 165




Physical Description:

A buff bat covered in very pale yellow fur. His large ears are somewhat weighted down from the multiple piercings. The ears are tipped with black as well as his elbows and a small patch of chest hair matching his long hair. His nose is a small and leaf-shaped and is the same color as his innerears.

The eyeshadow comes down in a point on both sides, thus making his eyes look dark and sunken. Brown eyes contrast the fur and make up, making them bright. His claws are gray and his wingweb is a much lighter value than his fur. His fangs are always visible, especially contrasting his black makeup and hair.


He sometimes goes shirtless but as shirts goes, he wears a black and white stripped long sleeved shirt and a Band T over that. Sometimes he will wear a fishnet shirt under another shirt. Fishnet armwarmers are seen, usually when he is shirtless. His pants can be just plain dark colored or accommodating any chains and straps and such. He usually wears spiked and D rings bracelets and a cross and moon pendants are seen.


Vincent is more of a sensible and sophisticated vampire bat. Vincent can act out his wild emotions which he hides underneath his seldom expression. When provoked, Vincent can be as wild acting as Red. Vincent is usually in a good positive mood despite what others may think, but if his rage is aroused it is best to stay clear of his path. Vincent is pretty hard to anger or annoy. Usually any type of thing that would annoy most, he takes with a grain of salt.

He’s not one to open up quickly to someone but has a way to get others to open up to him first. He’s charismatic and quick witted. He is usually very trustworthy and reliable to those he trust regardless that is very few. His faith and trust in human kind or any other fur is very low, because of this; he views himself as superior and above anything human or human like. Above all of his faults, Vincent is approachable and may befriend someone if he felt the need for extra company.


Vincent spent his childhood as a slave to his parents. They’d abuse him if he denied their commands. His body was covered in scars from so much abuse, not only was he physically abuse but mentally as well they would yell and torment him. His father was a drunk and his mother was just a step mom to him. He didn’t know his biological mother; he had heard she had moved on to another man, another family.

His mother would smack him around if he talked back, she’d yell at his dad if he had forgotten to do something or be late coming home. Therefore, that drove his dad to drink and when he would drink, he would also yell and bring him down about anything and mainly just for Vincent being himself. At the age of 17, he finally got up the courage to escape. Being a bat, he was about prowl around the night looking for prey.

Always starving, hardly fed, he go after children, adults, old people. Didn’t matter which, he eventually filled up his stomach to satisfaction from feeding off of many different victims. After a while he had gone back to pack his belongings and run away.

He had met a bat named Cain and from then on, Vincent had finally found a companion, someone he could call friend. He can be seen anywhere in Transylvania, but now he lives in a castle with his companion Cain.