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Name: Ophelia
Age: ??? (Adult over 21)
Birthday: April 2
Gender: Transfeminine Woman
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: ???
Height: 5'8
Species: "Human"
Race: White (British) + Chinese
Alignment: True Neutral

Ophelia is tired from countless life experiences that she didn't ask for. Ophelia is a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) system host and has about 5+ alters, each being unique. She experiences amnesia and does not recall much of your upbringing, aside from anything that her alters may recall/remember or straight up hypothesize. Details get fuzzy in certain areas of anybody's recollection, but overall, they try to work together as best they can. Ophelia has a profession as an author, a novelist who writes fictional stories, sprinkling in some of her own life.

Ophelia has short to mid length brown hair, scarred light honey skin, and auburn eyes. She hasn't had any gender-conforming surgeries that she wants, but feels a level of comfort in her body (knowing that she will later receive the care she desires). Ophelia possesses an author alias, a name typically considered "male", but feels security in her career and does not wish to change it (in fear of a negative outcome). As an author, she is plainly known as "Osmond", last name withheld entirely.

Ophelia feels an affinity towards avian animals, especially corvids.