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Peredharna (पेरेधरना) is a convent (and formerly monastery) near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is known to predate Shima being appointed summer capitol of the British Raj, but has had to be reestablished on multiple occasions.

The original is held to have been founded by Saint Petroc, by it's own records, but this has not been recognized by the Holy See.

Peredharna seems to be one of antiquity's answers to the same questions SAMMANA Transport NPO was founded to answer - in this case, being a permanent retreat from the world.

The nuns of this order are under Constitutional cloister, though only a few choose to mix at all with the wider world. Many Peredharna Nuns come under recommendation - or rejection - from other orders, on all continents. Due to appearances, they are dubbed both monsters and distractions from God's work. Regardless of the fact they have dedicated themselves to God.


None of the nuns are currently on SAMMANA's inactive gods list - not due to respect of their religion. They simply aren't powerful enough to be a threat - merely be threatened.