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Jen carries a grand total of six Pokemon on her person usually at all times. Below you will find different Pokemon and refs for each. Usually the most carried are the following: Dragonair (shiny), Poocheyna, Eevee, Vulpix, Scatty (skitty/delcatty hybrid), Ponyta 

Mirage: Female | Dragonair | Shiny | LVL. 77 | Marvelous Scales | Refuses to evolve -- Mirage was one of her first pokemon next to her Poocheyna. She is very determined, loyal and protective if her trainer. This Dragonair has some battle scars on the left side of her body due to a battle gone wrong which also almost ended up taking the life of her trainer. (This is why she's so protective) she dislikes some other dragon types and likes to keep to herself outside of the team. Move List: Icebeam, Fly, Dragon tail, Hydro pump + Dive, Surf, Thunder, Dragon rush 

Shadow: Male | Poocheyna | LVL. 70 | Quick Feet | Holds an Everstone -- Shadow I'd an angsty Poocheyna, he loves to battle and is sometimes hard to control when he gets right into it. Wanting to be the strongest Poocheyna he as well as Mirage refuses to evolve and makes up for his small size with his battling style. Protective of his trainer he was her first Pokemon and only listens and is loyal to her. Aggressive in battling he's her go-to for harder and longer battles. Move List: Shadowball, Takedown, Crunch, Tackle + Dark pulse, Howl, Bulk Up, Bite 

Flair: Female | Vulpix | LVL. 65 | Flashfire | No held item -- This Vulpix is happy go lucky most of the time, she enjoys the company of others and all of Jen's pokemon. Rather young, she strives to do her best while battling and aims to please. Although most Vulpix are sometimes hard to handle this isn't true for Flair, she's always calm and collected with a happy pep in her step. Move List: Flamethrower, Firefang, Quickattack, Extrasensory + Tackle, Fireblast, Ember, Sunny day 

Vee: Female | Eevee | Sooth Bell | LVL. 50 | Run Away -- Vee is rather shy and only really likes the company of the 5 other pokemon that Jen carries with her an excellent battiler, she aims to please. Often practing with Flair the pair actually battle very well together and her level has come up a lot because of this. Also not wanting to evolve anytime soon or ever, she's always following the other Pokemon around and asking them if their trainer would be upset if she didn't want to. She never wants to disappoint her trainer and tries very hard to battle very well. Move List: Double-edge, Thunderbolt, Firefang, Quickattack + Tackle, Takedown Attract, Captivate 

Luna: Female | Scatty (skitty/delcatty) | Hybrid | Silk Scarf | LVL. 55 | Cute Charm -- Luna is every affectionate with her trainer and the other Pokemon on her team, she's often seen sunbathing or rubbing up against Jen's leg. Although affectionate she is a fierce battiler and really enjoys working. Jen obtained Luna from a breeder when she started traveling. The breeder was from a town not far from hers and successfully bred the two pokemon together to get a very rare version of Skitty. Move List: Takedown, Shawdow Claw, Double-Edge, Return + Tackle, Bite, Hyper Voice, Moonlight 

Blaze: Male | Ponyta | Holds Charcoal | LVL. 50 | Flashfire -- Catching this Ponyta took a lot of work. Not caught in the normal fashion, he was obtained though Nurse Joy. His old trainer being very in experienced with fire type Pokemon left him in her care, asking her to adopt him out to the right trainer. Winning his trust took a lot of time and effort but once the bond was formed nothing could stop his loyalty to Jen. He's an excellent battiler and always aims to improve. Touchy with strangers not many can get close to the fire horse other than his trainer. Move List: Fireblast, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed, Stomp + Takedown, Lava Plume, Ember 

Jen Trainer info: Ace Trainer | 16 Badges | Two Championships | Pallet town is her hometown | Other Pokemon include: Sawbuck, Togatic, Nidoking, Blastoise, Charizard, Pidgiot, Bravery, Weavile, Beartic, Dusknoir, Usuring, Embore, Milotic, Nidorina, Sheildon, 

She enjoys training and raising Pokemon and is only looking to become stronger and more in-tune with her pokemon. She also communicates quth them very well and knows their moods and thoughts through their body language.