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Year 0: The Researcher
Amber is a 21 year old senior at Louisiana's Northwestern State University. She's a witch who specializes in potions, and thus, she's trying to find out her next big experiment. A chance find in a school library book is just what she needs to kickstart the next chapter of her life, even if it may break some of the bonds she's made along the way.
She didn't expect something as seemingly simple as immortal life to end up being this complex.

Year 6: The Eternal Witch
Amber, now 27, is tired of being lonely in her eternity. Thus, she seeks out another immortal at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. She enrolls as a graduate student, finding herself face to face with Nolan Campanella once more. Due to not being recognized by the other immortal, Amber begins yet another experiment. This one causes things to begin spiraling out of control for her.

Year 9: The Detective
Moving to Boston, Massachusetts means that Amber has another oyster to make her own. She decides to spend her time researching a cult that has been rumored to be based in the area. In typical Amber fashion, though, she ends up finding out too much, and an accusation of murder leads to her needing to prove her innocence. Not that she minds. She just wishes that her partner in solving crime was a little less vocal about hating her.

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