(ON HOLD) - Iris 👑's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Cannot be transferred for any reason.

Design Terms of Use

Adopt Term of Use Here are some rules for my adopts: 1. You can resell, trade or gift my adopts. You can resell it for the same price as you sold it. Make price higher only if you have additional art that you already collected.

2. You can make changes to my designs, as long as it seen like an original design. You can't buy adopt from me and redesign it all. If you want to redesign, let me know and we will figure something out together (for extra payment of course)

3. AUCTION AND OTA RULES: - If it's an AUCTION and someone AB an adopt, you CAN'T offer more. If you do that you will be banned. - If it's an OTA (OFFER TO ADOPT) you can offer money, characters or art. I often already state the price that adopt would cost. If you AB under my OTA it DOESN'T mean that you already bought it. I look at ALL OFFERS (ART AND CHARACTERS) and decide what interests me more. If i decide to choose a character or art over money, i will trade an adopt for character or money, and not sell it. If you AB my adopt and my mutual AB it at the same time. I will sell it to my mutual. At the end of the day i decide who to sell my adopts.

4. SELLING AND TRADING If you want to sell or trade my design in two days after you bought it, please don't buy it in a first place! You can trade my designs ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE 5 ADDITIONAL ART PIECES ( new owner = +5 pieces) Don't collect my designs just to not use it. If you are not planning to use it, just resell it or trade, try to find it a good home. Don't order customs if you are planning to give up character in a week. I'm tired of that my designs being constantly retraded just to get "popular designer"'s adopt. Always contact me before trading my designs! It will be helpful for me to keep track of new owners!

If you complain about my decisions, you will be banned. If you tell me how i should sell my adopts, you will be banned. If you complain about prices, you will be banned.