hi i ADORE this code and in the process of applying it to all my main guys.... almost everyone in my blood+bone 01 tab has it rn :D

AAAAHHH I've been waiting to get to use this code for a character and I finally found the perfect use for it. This is honestly one of my favorite codes ever alongside all of your other ones,,, (watch out I'll probably use them all) Thank you so much for making an absolutely beautiful code <33

tysm! the colour palette looks sooo good i love it

This code is so cool!! It’s honestly so unique with it’s style

tysm! <3

Absolutely gorgeous code! Definitely gonna be using this at some point <3

tysm, glad you’re liking it <3

This code is STUNNING I am in LOVE with this color palate and the layout and everything about it!!! Will be using for sure :))

ty! i’m very happy with how it turned out, glad others are enjoying it too ^^