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23 ✦ Male ✦ Hybrid



Chellow has been in my possession since 2011. His creator (and mother) is the lovely Shad0wz, who also goes by Origin, Decidueye, Elder-Shad0wz, and last but not least, Katie. Born as a contest loser, Chellow has helped shape my own personal identity as a wolf and a dragon. With over 300 pieces of artwork by over 100 artists across the fur community, he has grown with me artistically, physically, and emotionally. With no concrete family or background, he prefers to keep to himself, but has many close friends. He is not in a partnership with any male or female character. He was owned by Alph0ns3 (via TH) for a brief period of time when I tried to distance myself from an 'online presence', but now I realize he was too much a part of my life to ever part with again.


Chellow has the body of a wolf, and the spine/features of a dragon. His spine continues down through the majority of his tail in order to keep it straight while he is running or flying - though it can bend if necessary. He has draconic facial features including nostrils, horns, and no visible ears. (Similar to dragons, they are small, hidden holes close to his horns.) His purple tounge is split at the very end instead of rounded like a canine's. His wings are semi-transparent, and have many rips and tears in them from past fights - making it difficult to fly (but not impossible). This makes him better apt to running on the ground since his body is built similar to a greyhound's. He has wolf pawpads but dragon-length claws. The most trademark feature about him - his spots - glow a bright blue if he is angered or theatened. These dragon scales are thin enough to show the burning fire beneath his skin if his emotions make him too hot. If his spots are glowing, be wary - some fire may blow out of his jaws shortly after.


"Harvester of Lightning."

  • Citrus
  • Creek
  • Rain & Thunderstorms
  • Smell of Smoke
  • Observing
  • Threats/violence
  • Shoes
  • Meat
  • Overwhelming heat/sunshine
  • Socializing

Family History

Chellow was placed into an orphanage at birth - he's never met either of his parents, but he's seen a photo of his mother. She was a jet-black wolf with piercing blue eyes. Most obviously, his father had to have been a dragon. Since he was placed up for adoption, he has no knowledge of any brothers or sisters. It is believed that his birth had been an accident. He was never adopted, and left the orphanage at 18yrs old as an adult.


His best and closest friend is Creek - owned by Sprite on Wolfhome. He is also friends with AuraSight's character, Vesh, and Krow's character, Rexton.


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