Troy Yancey



4 months, 27 days ago


A greedy lil lad appears, say hi to; Troy Yancey! A selfish little greed ball that loves to make a quick buck, either it be through scamming or basic tricks, he'll make it through this economy one way or another. He plans to save up for something, he doesnt know what hes saving up for but he doesnt want to be penniless for when he figures out what to save up for. Despite money being on his mind quite often, he does have other interests. He likes to practice welding and bending metal into art, started as another one of his scams turned into one of his hobbies. Troy likes to collect and read fantasy comics like BONE and Usagi Yojimbo, he's loved fantasy ever since his cousin Kyle should him some fantasy films and some of their drawings. This has also inspired him to try his hand at writing fantasy stories, though he gets frustrated at not being able to write a story as good as the comics he reads. He uses slingshotkind for combat.


fatherfigure: Papa Yancey

cousin: Kyle Collymore

friends/partners in scamming: Thor Victor & Tove Braaten

birth year: August 17th 1986

death year: ????

Date Of Incident: August 17th, 1999

shirt symbol: a bright gold star