Jaxi Raleigh



4 months, 20 days ago


Round of applause for jades descendent: Jaxi Raleigh!! A over worked filmer that loves to well.....film! They film a variety of things, filming little indie movies, helping film live performances of Dara's band, filming stupid stuff like CKY styled stunts, even filming pranks and comedy bits, their even apart of a film club, all this filming destroys their sleep schedule. Despite their main passion, they have other interests/hobbies, such as skateboarding at the local skate park on their trusty cruiser board. They like to practice the art of prop creation, so far their props are rather simple and could be used for low budget kid shows but they hope to one day be skilled enough for their props to be used in a really high budget film! And sometimes, if their in the mood, they'll help tend to the neighborhood garden. They like to use shotgunkind in strifes.


motherfigure: a carapacian named Bairn Attendent that helps raise a batch of ecto kids, joan, dara, & rett being included

sorta sibling: Joan Bardot

friends: Dara Cunningham, Rett Hansley, Termin Odiste, ???

fellow film club members: Phil Jackson & Gabe Firgal

ancestor: Jade Harley

home planet: Earth C

shirt symbol: a purple film projector