Kila & Kily Willoughby



4 months, 14 days ago


A pair of twins appears on stage, please welcome: Kila & Kily Willoughby!! Two silly teens that both love animations of different kinds. Kila loves soft and flowing animation wither it be simple or complex like the show Adventure time or Studio Ghibli films. While Kily loves rough and strict animation wither it be simple or complex like the 90's X-Men animated series or Regular Show. This is where their interests differ, with Kila spending her time reading fantasy novels and studying the art of wood working, making little birdhouses and figures. Kily spends her time playing video games and flash games that offer a challenge, so far she has yet to beat Alien Hominid, besides that she likes to mold clay into various things like vases and cups, gotta start simple. Kila prefers to use swordkind and Kily prefers to use shieldkind for strifes.


parent: Uncle Willoughby

friends: Jace Ferdinand & Tina Anderson

birth year: May 20th 1998

death year: ???

Date Of Incident: May 20th, 2011

shirt symbols: Jake the Dog and the alien from Alien Hominid