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Age: 23

Gender: Nonbinary (they/she, or he/him)

Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Maine Coon/Vampire
Occupation: Metal Singer, Actress, Hot Topic Cashier, Witch/Tarot Reader
Height: 5'3" without boots, 5'5" with boots

Body Type: slightly chubby, No thigh gap when standing normal. Feminine leaning-Androgynous when wearing clothes.

Wingspan: 12ft

Likes: Metal(especially power, prog., and symphonic), Metalcore, Emo music, Horror Movies, 80s music, goth music, sushi
Dislikes: A lot of things?

Personality: Hot-headed, funny, caring, sarcastic, witty

Tends to use more feminine terms for themself, although usually uses they/them pronouns.

In a fantasy/medieval setting, she is a mercenary ala Band of the Hawk style. Fantasy!Phoenix can be drawn in really any type of armor or in various fancy outfits. Think Griffith level fashion sense, but lacking the whole "sacrificing your friends to demon-gods" deal. Personality wise, fantasy Phoenix is kinda a mix of the main 3 of the Band of the Hawk, her main downfall is that she can get caught up in her emotions and become ruthless in battle.