Jace Ferdinand



3 months, 11 days ago


A newcomer boldly walks onto stage, please welcome: Jace Ferdinand!! A no nonsense kid with a love for martial arts, taking to learn his own path, the Path Of The bold, he doesn't know what the kanji patch means and found it in a Old Navy for sale. The reason for this is because of his love for anime like Yu Yu Hakusho, the character; Yusuke is who inspired his current attire. He does like to watch other anime from time to time, little bit of one piece, little bit of berserk, but he likes to stick to Yu Yu Hakusho. He tends to be quite nosy about information and sometimes snoops when he shouldn't, though after being too nosy at one point he's learned to dial it down. Besides his focus staying on his path and his friends, he does have other interests and hobbies. He likes to ride his bike around the neighborhood and practice tricks, he's still getting the hang at doing a wheelie, he also likes to practice at bike repairs with simple chain fixes and tire replacements. Sometimes he likes to tinker with the art of watercolor painting and action painting, though he leans a bit more towards action painting due to its simplicity and fun nature. He likes to stick with fistkind for strife but uses chainkind encase of extreme danger.


parent: Uncle Ferdinand

friends: Kila Willoughby, Kily Willoughby, & Tina Anderson

birth year: September 27th 1997

death year: ???

Date Of Incident: May 20th, 2011

shirt symbol: A small part of a kanji, the whole kanji means destroy