Callisto Ghorbani



3 years, 6 months ago


Born in London to immigrant parents with two older brothers Callisto was an extremely sheltered child. Her parents fears were understandable, alone in a new country despite both of her parents holding well paying jobs and always being kind to their neighbors and peers, they knew people would make their own judgments of them no matter how good of people they were. Though based in the future, racism and bigotry never was far from being a constant thing in their lives. That was when Callisto had decided she had enough. After having spent most of her life following her parents orders and looking after her younger brother, she decided to remove her hijab and live frivolously, free of rules and cares. She began living life on the edge, dressing how she wanted, passing from partner to partner no matter the gender and fighting for what she felt was right. That was when she decided to move to Australia to further pursue her new lifestyle, she wanted to be a sex worker. Her father having heard this was extremely furious and disgusted and shamed her, influencing the rest of her family to do the same. Callisto ran way in the night and began a new life in outback with the little money she had managed to save. Being an escort, doing some stripping on the side, it didn't matter to her because she loved every minute of it. 

She finally began advocating for sex workers rights, realizing that not all men, women and non binary individuals had the same rights she did to do her work in AU. At age 21, she moved to America to fight for the rights of sex workers there. That's where her new adventure begins...