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【 Name 】 Larette Hace【 Called 】 Larette
【 Age 】 409【 Orientation 】 Straight
【 Gender 】 Female【 Fur 】 Gray with White Tail Tips
【 Marking 】 None【 Element / Shape 】 Sound (purple and black) - Star
【 Spells 】 6 slots【 Feeding / Essence 】 1 Large
【 Tails / Eyes / Ears 】 Six - Rare / Diamond - Rare (Sectoral Heterochromia Diamond) / Epic (M)【 Height / Weight 】 4' 3" / 152 pounds
【 Origin 】 Spirit World - Spindel City【 Species/Race 】 Kamitsune (Angea)

About Larette

Larette is a clingy girl looking for true love. She hopes to experience love at first sight when she meets her first love who will of course be her true love. She incredibly picky - if her heart and body don't zing and burn when she meets you, you will never be a romantic interest to her. A friend, yes, but never romantic. And to her friends, Larette is very loyal and clingy. She loves her friends and will spend every waking moment with them - and attempt to rope them into a vast array of shenanigans for fateful meetings with potential suitors.

In the human world, Larette likes to make friends with singles and help them find their true loves. She isn't near as picky for them as she is for herself though! She uses her magic to listen and learn all she can and then tell all the juicy secrets to her friends about the ones they are trying to romance. Even as a human though, Larette is clingy and it can be a little overbearing for some people. She tries to listen and watch for cues of when to back off as losing friends cuts deep...

【 Spells 】
  • (free slot) Shapeshift I: Human (imperfect) or Fox
  • Shapeshift II: Full Human
  • Polyglot: Read, Write, Speak all languages
  • Soundwaves: can hear conversation and other sounds from a distance
  • Zone of Silence: Create a small area of forced silence
  • Echolocation: locate creature based on sound alone
  • Banshee Scream: A burst of sound energy from the mouth that knocks creatures over and deafens them.
【 Fave Emotions 】
  • True Love
  • First Love
  • Serenity
  • Hope
【 Dislikes 】
  • Distant and independent types
  • Being ignored
  • Quiet people
  • Those who don't believe in love at first sight...



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Larette doesn't have any friends yet! If you want to be her friend, please PM here or on one of my social media pages.

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