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Ghosts of Fireblood








The seemingly immortal nomad that walks the stellar sands of the Time Piece, so named for her ability to "haunt" the lands after what would be certain death for most others. Even when fully buried, she finds a way to crawl her way back to the scorching surface, even if she loses a few limbs in the process. After all, what is a desert to a scorpion? She can grow back any of her lost limbs, including her tail, and often uses detached ones as makeshift weapons or tools.

Many stories surround Ghost, claiming her to be everything from a fearsome and powerful necromancer, to a delusional grave robber who only wishes to torment her victims further by extending their lives in a desolate land. She is often seen as a supernatural being, stemming from the strange venom inside her tail that can revive anyone touched by it. Anyone who still has a tangible body after enduring the burial sands, that is. It feels like the burning of a brand new star, earning it the nickname of "fireblood".

No one really knows why Ghost dedicates to much of her time to saving others, especially when it seems like such a futile endeavour. In her eyes, she's nothing more than a humble healer who has trouble letting death have the final word.