Navigator Profile's Comments

I'm using this! Thank you so much for making this. I love how neat and organized it all is!

I'm glad you like it!

Literally couldn't function without this. The organization of it is so good! Just *chef's kiss* perfection.

oh my god 696 favourites

i wanna favourite but i wont ruin that lmao

dammit I missed it, now it's at 700 favorites :'(

rip ;;   

I have a question about the Relationships tab- how do you add a third character's icon? I was able to add another name/description but I can't make the icon appear.

Using this, thank you so much!

Hey, long time no see! I recently was considering remaking some character bios and I stumbled across this one. is it possible to add more tabs on this one?

I will definitely be using this, with some edits, for a world of mine!

Using this! Thank you so much I love your templates (so expect more comments from me)! Used for this character:

Hi. I have a question about the navigator profile template. How do I change the progress bars on the "Details" page?

There's is a width=50% for each progress bar. Change the number to a higher or lower number, according to what you want. A higher number makes the bar appear more filled up.

Ok thank you! Also, can I ask how to change the Images on the relationships page?

Change the url link already there to the url link of the image you want to replace it with.

Hey, I have a question
How would one go about changing the color of the buttons and such? If that's possible?

You'd need to use the custom color version of the template, but those buttons aren't able to highlight like the ones in the normal version of the template.