Emerald Fawn



3 years, 1 month ago


Name: Emerald Fawn

-Nickname: Greeny

Gender: Female

Age: 18-19

Height: 1.69-170m

Species: Cat Hybrid

Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Brown

Occupation: Traveler

Strengths: Fast and Agile
Weaknesses: Water(a bit slows she but just that),electricity and fire.
LikesNature,trees,flowers ,mining,fights for fun(not to kill or injure badly!)
Dislikes: Killing,hybrid hunters

Short Story:
  She was living normally with her father in a village.Her mother died when she was 2 . Her father taught she how to live in outside world,gathering stuffs, hunting , mining, fighting and a lot more things. She was very curious about everything and learning everything quickly,sometimes getting in trouble because of them...
  She grew up and at age 16, she decided to be a traveler. She said goodbye to her father and everyone she knew as a friend then left the vilage. Since that day she is traveling.
  She sometimes got caught by Hybrid hunters and some other bad people but she escaped all of them. She met with Life and Endery on her way and they become friends.
 But nowadays she travels alone , going to new cities and villages.

Other Info: -She has a diamond sword that she made herself. It is very special for her.
- As clothes she also has a light green sleeveless hoodie.