Fav to enter raffle's Comments

cuuuties <3

I'll enter for the glorious bin chickens

Faved! Also It’s me Zer0-Simp if u remember that user lol changed my user but hey ; D!

Entering! Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone :]]

Absolutely gorgeous! Love these two already lol, gl to the other participants (:

ENTERING!! heck yeah, bird bros :D they remind me of the tiki room from Disney world :]

So beautiful! I love the colors oml

I faved! They're adorable! They could fit really nicely into a fictional world im creating!

Birbs :o my fav

Faved :3

Faved and entering thanks for the chance 

I faved, may I enter for this beautiful character please?

aaa what a beautiful looking bird... man bird characters are so underrated u.u