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★ Welcome to my toyhouse!!
  • My characters can contain sensitive themes like neon, body horror, multiple body parts, phobias like needles, gore, etc.
  • There's drug mentions in my characters, so also continue at your own risk. (Will most likely be censored).
RULES ! (✖ Do not's)
  • Steal, trace, heavy reference/rip off, kin, my characters or art!
  • Draw suggestive art or NSFW of my characters nor relate them to any of that. I'm a minor.
  • Use my art or pictures for personal use. Only exception is if I made the art or character for you.
  • Feel free to make fan art of my characters! You can even draw them with yours! (NO SHIPS).
  • Feel free to comment in my profile, or any of my character's!
  • I may have a lot of characters but I love each of them equally! And I always will try to find a better home for them if I don't find an use for them! I use them all for different things! Drawing, stories, rp, etc.
  • If you're racist, pedophile, zoophile, LGBTphobic (transphobic, homophobic, etc), ableist, etc.
✖ Blacklist
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I'm very active on toyhouse so feel free to PM me or chat with me! I may be a bit awkward but it's always nice to talk to people! Feel free to check any of my characters and fav as many as you want! You can ask for pings too idm! ENJOY!

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