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updated as of 11/17/2023 
dni if you are:when talking to me do not:
- NSFW (explicit or suggestive)
- homophobic, transphobic, aphobic
- zoophile, pedophile, lolicon, babyfur, incestuous
- racist, nazi
- anti-vaccines, anti-masker
- pro-life
- disrespectful towards neopronouns and xenogenders
- use slurs (reclaimed or not)
- make jokes about suicide
- do not mention covid, cancer, and similar topics
- do not mention genitalia, boobs, sex, porn, pregnancy, or other similar topics (drugs and smoking is fine)
general warnings:
trigger warnings:
- i lockdown my designs, so you can't resell or trade em to other people. there are no exceptions to this rule, even for close friends. 
- id rather you jsut sell the design back to me
- dont steal my designs, or claim them as ur own
- smoking
- blood, injury, scars
- illness, death
- bones
- war

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