Pinky (BTA)



25 days, 11 hours ago


Palestine daily click!!

Sb: 10$

Ab: 65$

Ab2 (+with fullcolor) : 80$

Both are abs and will ab instantly. These are just options if you'd want the main ref (completed ver and not the messy sketches one if theres any) to be fullcolored or not :) Ab1 can't be outbidded by Ab2 since the ab are just options :D

Quick bidding TOS (Please read my TOS before bidding!!) :

1. Be civil while bidding and trading!!

2.  On payments, please add a note stating your toyhouse name in paypal!

3. Don't ghost! Pay within 48 hours after I give you my paypal!

4. Bid clearly!! Don't bid in ranges!

5. Bids end when someone ab or in 24 hours after the last bid!

I can do holds for a maximum for 2 weeks and it must be done with a 25% upfront payment! The rest of the payment can be paid anytime in the 2 weeks. 

This upfront payment will not be returned if you fail to pay. You can request to cancel the hold but not if it has been over 24 hours after you place the hold!