3 years, 10 months ago


the perfect blend of oliver and callisto, trill has her mother's deep understanding for nature and how it intertwines and her father's natural instinct and common sense interacting with others, making her the most obvious choice to take over from her mother. with this she aims to unite celestial beings and earthdwellers so there is no animosity between them at all. her eyes have been perpetually closed since birth as she was always a calm child and saw no need to get angry. she hasn't felt the need to use her eyes often as her heightened sense means she is perfectly capable of navigating without. but as she grew older and developed a mind of her own she began to see what was wrong with the world and how some people behaved she couldn't help her rush of emotions. you will always know when she is angry or incredibly serious because she opens her eyes to reveal those piercing gems that stare almost straight into your soul.

although trained by her mother in all things celestial she really is a father's girl and nowadays she chooses to live with her father on land as she finds earthdwellers fascinating and yearns to learn more about the different ideals and cultures all around. not only where the earth is now but also ancient history and where we came from is her passion. however, she carries her mother with her at all times on her bracelets as a gentle reminder of her mother and what her eventual destiny would be. she serves as a reminder to those around her that there is no set destiny for anyone and that destiny is a path you craft for yourself.