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I'll keep it short since I don't like to read these, and I'm sure you don't too lmao,,

RE: Don't create ocs heavily inspired by my own- it makes me super uncomfortable.
They are all WIPs, but they might still have triggering content.

Please Do Not

  • Reference, claim, faceclaim or steal any of my characters.
  • Try and dictate how my characters should look like/ be like.
  • Steal ideas that are unique to my own headworlds.
  • Entering my page would mean that you have agreed to all the conditions I have listed, and have taken note of all the content warnings. If I catch any assholery it would be on you, and not on me.

Content Warnings

  • Complete and utter assholes
  • Trypophobia || Holes :)
  • Entomophobia || Centipedes, Silverfish, etc
  • Crime || Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Murder, Abuse, etc
  • Gore || Exposed flesh, Rotting Flesh, Blood, Bruises etc
  • Other || Suicide, Trauma, Victim Blaming, Victim Mentality, Gaaslighting, Religious Themes, etc

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