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A character profile layout based on Dungeon Meshi's Adventurer's Bible. The focal area closely imitates the layout of the first page for each character in the book, while the "Extended Biography" section under the "Read more" has more room for traditional character profile info.

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25 May 2024:
  • Initial release!
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Last Updated: 25 May 2024

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His social skills are lacking!? An adventurer overflowing with love for monsters!


arrowlight.png Laios Touden arrowlight.png

laios.png laios.png

T he protagonist of our story. Possesses an abundant, overwhelming interest in monsters. Utilizes swordsmanship skills along with casting basic magic spells. Also has a great deal of knowledge regarding dungeons and monsters. At first glance, he seems to be an ideal party leader. However, his fatal weakness is lacking the ability to read situations and the subtleties of what others are trying to express. This leads to rifts easily forming within his interpersonal relationships. Although he has a great love for monsters, Laios is aware that they pose a threat to people and are to be regarded as enemies. However, after a talk with the Winged Lion, his interest toward monsters has shifted toward creating a world in which monsters and people can live in harmony. In the end, Laios is determined to become the master of the dungeon...


True Name
Laios Touden

26 years old

Tallman / Male

Northern Continent

Father, mother, little sister (Falin)

Height, roughly 185cm / BMI 26

Dairy products


First Death
Wounded by living armor

These are the stats that would normally make up a strong, well-rounded leader. However, his social skills are so lacking that it basically negates his other strengths...
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Extended Biography

decoration1.png 1. Skills decoration1.png

decoration1.png 1. Skills decoration1.png

  • Skill: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
  • Skill: Duis sollicitudin elit sed tellus blandit viverra sed eget odio.
  • Skill: Donec accumsan tempor lacus, et venenatis elit feugiat non. Duis porta eros et velit blandit dapibus.

decoration1.png 2. Family decoration1.png

decoration1.png 2. Family decoration1.png

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis sollicitudin elit sed tellus blandit viverra sed eget odio. Donec accumsan tempor lacus, et venenatis elit feugiat non. Duis porta eros et velit blandit dapibus. Curabitur ac finibus eros. Duis placerat velit vitae massa sodales, eget mattis nibh pellentesque.

dividersm.png dividermd.png divider.png

decoration1.png 3. History decoration1.png

decoration1.png 3. History decoration1.png

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Praesent semper feugiat nibh sed pulvinar proin gravida hendrerit lectus. Dolor purus non enim praesent elementum facilisis leo vel. Elementum sagittis vitae et leo. Amet volutpat consequat mauris nunc congue nisi vitae. Quam nulla porttitor massa id neque aliquam vestibulum morbi blandit. Eros donec ac odio tempor. Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing at in tellus integer feugiat. Sed egestas egestas fringilla phasellus faucibus scelerisque. Nisl nunc mi ipsum faucibus vitae aliquet nec. At consectetur lorem donec massa sapien faucibus et. Bibendum neque egestas congue quisque egestas diam in arcu cursus.

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dividersm.png dividermd.png divider.png
Adventurer's Relationship Chart
laios.png Laios
Well, he is who he is~
My sister's friend; I respect her
marcille.png Marcille
He really needs to be more aware of his role as leader
A dependable ally
chilchuck.png Chilchuck
A promising lad
I admire him, and he lives the kind of life I want to live
senshi.png Senshi