5 years, 5 months ago


Physical OK

Mental OK

Emotional Good



The sparring competition was the only Spring Rally activity that sparked her interest. Initally, she had planned to just watch. Yet due to lack of participants, she decided to enter. Lost to Isetore in the first round. "Nah, I just went easy on him." Tried again during the next competition, but lost again, this time to Afzal. "Pfff, I let him win on purpose!" Truth was, it affected her enough that she stopped paying attention to the competition for a while.

Got approached by Hati, one of the other participants for whom she had voted. Irritated by the canine at first, she accepted her challenge to beat her in a fight. The next day, after they were done, she assumed victory. They both had a small chat afterwards.

Previously heard Hati say some strange words that she didn't understand, and assumed she was just a weirdo. The canine explained that she came from another world, and taught her the meaning of "house" and "gym". At first, Beri didn't believe her. However, she got taken aback when she saw her leaving through a portal. Very curious about her and hoped to see her again soon.

She watched the third sparring competition, but was not in the mood to participate this time. Still a bit sour about her losses. On the bright side, she had met many new faces, and potentially a friend even.

Charge Power Green

Conductive Liquid Green

Scent Raspberry, mint and burning.

Diet Insectivore, sometimes eats meat

Orientation Bisexual

Voice ???

Territory 84 x -81

Alignment ???






  • Fights
  • Company
  • Crowds
  • Praise
  • Entertainment


  • Loneliness
  • Being patronized
  • Losing
  • Water









She loves hanging out. Being used to be in a pack, she always seeks company. She's quick to get attached to others, but is not very good at showing her affection.


She doesn't fully understand the concept of possession. To her, if someone is her friend, then that means they're hers. This causes her to treat others as objects without realizing it.


She blows a fuse if things don't go her way and can even go hysterical and call for violence in some cases. She wants everyone to keep up the pace with her and hates it when others make her wait. It's pretty easy to push her to her limit, but hard to calm her down.


She prioritizes her feelings over those of others. If hurt, she will stop paying attention to things or creatures around her, except whatever or whoever made her feel that way. Despite that, she never hesitates to defend and support those close to her, albeit in an clumsy way.


First impressions always matter, but since she gets easily biased and influenced, any rumor can change her mind about someone, even though she never met them herself.


She's very protective of her turf. May snap or even attack without a warning if one gets too close or touches what belongs to her. She's less likely to do so with those she feels close to, however.


Once she has made up her mind, it is near impossible to dissuade her. She will also refuse any kind of help, even if she needs it, as she thinks she's capable of doing everything by herself.


When not blinded by anger, she sees the bright side of things. She strongly believes that everything will always turn out okay for her and those she loves.


Having anger issues, there's always a chance she'll physically lash out onto others, even those she cares for deeply. She has lost many friends — and even her family — because of it. Although she has made some progress regarding that, there are still times where she struggles to control herself.


A showoff. Bragging is her favorite thing to do. She thinks she's the best at everything and will deny defeat, even if the other beat her fair and square. Will accept any challenge, even the most ridiculous ones.


She's not afraid to say what she thinks. She will state her opinions, even when not asked. Although she struggles to admit any form of affection, she has no issue complimenting or praising others.

  • Produces a liquid that allows her to conduct her electricity, which can paralyze and kill anyone who touches it.
  • Tongue is long and sticky.
  • Uses insults for nicknames. Either as a defense mechanism, a taunt to her enemies, or a term of endearment.
  • Absolutely not good with kids. Feels uncomfortable around them. Doesn't necessarily dislike them, just doesn't want to deal with them. Will ignore them if possible, though doesn't mind their company, as long as they stay put and quiet.
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