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A wanna be hardcore rockstar who can’t seem to get her career off the ground. So instead, she works as a drive thru employee

Basic information 

Full name: Wolfgang

Nickname: Wolf

Birthday: September 15th 2001

Species: Subwolfer 

Gender: Female she/her

Height: 5 foot 7

Sexuality: Homosexual

Languages spoken: English


Likes: Music, playing guitar, junk food, sleeping, singing

Dislikes: working hard, mornings, piano, children, cooking


Wolfgang acts like she's already a famous Rockstar. She's very demanding and doesn't like putting effort into things that don't interest her. Fake it till you make it, right? That being said, she's very quick to apologise for her behavior if someone gets mad at her. She's pretty easily intimidated  


Addictions: None

Mental illnesses: None

Physical illnesses: None

Disabilities: None

Allergies: None

Fears/phobias: Heights


Guitar. She’s extremely talented with it. She can sing pretty well too, but she doesn’t practice that quite as much.


Strengths: Musical abilities

Weaknesses: Demanding

Weapons/tools: Guitar 


Wolf has been trying to get into the music industry since she was a kid. She loves rock music, and really enjoys making it. The only problem is actually getting people to listen. She was good, but people just didn’t seem to care.

After years of trying to become a musician, Wolf realised that she would have to get a job. She couldn’t live off of tips. It was a really hard decision to make, but survival comes before music. Because she had been trying to become a musician her whole life, she hadn’t really had any job experience.

Because of lack of experience, Wolf had to get whatever job would take her. This job happened to be in fast food. Not ideal, but at least she was making enough money to live off of. The place she worked at was a chain restaurant called CrackDonalds.

Wolf was in charge of cooking food and occasionally managing the drive though. The drive through was the worst part of her job. She hated dealing with stupid customers. Why do you care that you got 11 nuggets instead of 10? Why would anyone complain about that?!

After work, Wolf would go out and play her guitar in public. Partly to get herself noticed, and partly to de-stress after work. It was fun to play in public, even if no one was around.

This is how life is for Wolf. It’s nothing extravagant, but she still has her whole life ahead of her. Maybe one day she’ll make it. But for now, she’ll have to deal with angry customers and minimum wage.

Artist notes

Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28703603/

Clothing: Punk. Leather jackets, spikes, stylistically worn. Anything a rockstar would wear, basically. She can also be in a fast food worker’s uniform

Physical appearance: Her fleshy parts are average, but her robotic parts make her look chunky. She’s usually pretty messy, especially her hair

Expressions: mischievous, snide, tired


Wolfgang is a MYO Subwolfer I got after making the species base. I stole her colour palette from one of my old characters, but they’re still very different characters.

My dad came up with the idea for “CrackDonalds”. I thought it was funny