Winter's First Frost



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  • Winter's First Frost (Bing)

  • Age 30 (24 elf years)
  • Gender male
  • Race elf
  • Role C rank mage
  • Alignment Gou


A mute, mountain elf and son of yak herders. Their tribe were masters at beast bonding, allowing them to keep their yaks safe from the tigers and other wild animals of the mountains. Since the disappearance of their gods, his tribe’s control over their herd has grown shaky.

Tigerlily is of a silent but gentle nature. He is good with children as well as animals. Before he was old enough to go out and herd yaks full time with the adults, he was responsible for watching over the younger children of his tribe. Though he was born unable to speak, he is talented on the pan flute which uses to entertain and appease even the rowdier youngsters in his charge. He is proficient in sign language and lip reading which is useful in some of the windier regions of his homeland.

As an adult, one of Tigerlily’s tasks is to travel to neighboring villages and cities to sell and trade their yak milk and various other produced resources. He mostly leaves this to other members of his clan though as his inability to speak slightly hampers his ability to be an effective salesman. Despite this, he enjoys the act of traveling and seeing new places, though he's at heart a traditionalist who is rigidly loyal to his own culture.


Elemental Magic: wind (february 2nd)
Old God Power: beast bonding
Height: 6'0''
Build: tall and slender
Demeanor: calm
Theme: Obstacles
  • play his pan flute
  • traveling and new experiences
  • storytellers and talkative people
  • being forced to adapt to different customs
  • children who are rude or disobedient
  • having his thoughts ignored




Was born in the mountain in a tribe and yak herders and breeders. He has five younger siblings and two older. When Tigerlily was 20 (25 human years), the Gods which his tribe worshiped disappeared and they began to have a more difficult time keeping the tigers away from their herd.

They tried several times to move far away from tiger territory, but the new locations were not always ideal for gazing. Some of their were chased off or killed by tigers and some tribe members were killed by the cats or accidentally kicked by their own yaks trying to escape. Tigerlily's sister, the oldest child in him family was kicked by a stampeding yak and then trampled to death by the rest of the herd.

He visits human cities and villages several times before and after reaching adulthood, but he never took much interest in permanently leaving his tribe, believing their ways to be superior. He meets Eris and Cyrus by chance one day as they're traveling through the mountains. He watches the pair take down tiger without weapons and is impressed.

The hospitable nature of his tribe obliged him to take them in and shelter them for as long as needed. They stay for a few days and Eris tells Tigerlily and the rest of their tribe about her intentions to find the Old Gods. Tigerlily is deeply intrigued by this and at the end of their stay decides to go with them, wanting to bring his tribe back to its former prosperity.

Character History

He was originally mute as well, but didn't have much of a character aside from being the nice one. He could summon poorly designed magical creatures from a crystal ball.


Eris Blackwood

[ traveling companion ] Tigerlily respects her greatly. Though they never become incredibly close there's always amiability between them.


Cyrus Bluenote

[ friend ] Because Tigerlily is so used to taking care of his younger siblings, he quickly warmed to young Cyrus. During the early days of the journey, Eris would sometimes be oblivious towards Cyrus's condition, but Tigerlily would always be conscious and sympathetic, giving the boy piggy backs when he was too tired to walk on his own. As Cyrus grew older and more independent, he no longer needed Tigerlily's help, but the two remained close.



[ childhood friend ] Tigerlily's childhood friend and his deceased sister's fiance. The two used to go riding together as children and Naupaka would translate for Tigerlily to the members of the tribe too young to have learned sign language (which all adults learn for hunting and silent communication purposes).