Nichole Burnett's Comments

I think what stood out to me the most about Nichole was how much she feeled like a real person, both with her design, and her backstory- she feels like someone I could actually meet.

She seems like a very nuanced and complex character as well, she definitely has a balance of positive and negative traits. I think it's interesting (and also makes sense) that she used to be a more impulsive go with the flow kind of gal before she had her son Freddie, but afterwards mellowed out and became more responsible. The fact that she divorced Hugh so her son could have the best future possible, despite still loving hugh to an extent just like??? really good and real characterization? Like I don't know how to explain that, but out of everything in her bio, that really popped out at me.

I also love the bit about her getting passive aggressive when angry, and how that's kinda a throwback to her teenage rebellious phrase, because it really shows how although she's changed a lot through life, she's still the same person at the roots, and her past definitely had an effect on her,,, which again,,, just some fantastic character writing tbh.

And the bit about her being a "Pong Addict" got a chuckle out of me. It's those little things that add a lot to a character too, and that just made me love her even more lol.

(but i gotta ask. Why'd she die at 65 :'c ?? that's pretty young)

Thanks! And to answer your question, she drank, smoked and did drugs a lot in her youth so she died of liver disease I imagine.

Hello! Wow, Nichole really is such an interesting character, she's a tough mom too! Poor Hugh tho D:

But in a general, i been looking thought your charas around the forums, they're all so different with shapes, interests and i really love them. Keep it up! :D