Mossman (Marty)



2 years, 1 month ago


Some say they see it lurking around the murky bayou, what is this mysterious creature that no one can catch a proper glimpse of??? Well, he is known among his friends and family as Marty, or Moss. But among the common cryptid hunters he takes on the common name Mothman, or as he likes to call it, Mossman! 

Marty is a very "charming" fellow. He is a big ol' laid back sweet heart. He loves to float around in the murky swamp n bayou waters and let small critters catch rides on his moss covered back and wings. He is literally the least threatening monster youll ever meet, he wouldnt even harm a fly! Well, thats a lie bugs are actually a big part of his diet. He is very out going to other monsters/cryptids and has a very thick southern accent and talks like the such. He keeps bandages on his feet to avoid wearing out the fur on them cause he prefers walking over flying. He gives great hugs and is a big ol fuzzy boy.


-Hundreds of years old probably